Voice Over – Kam’s Roast

 Voice Over – OLA Executive Condo

Voice Over – Anessa beauty sunscreen

Voice Over – Thomson Activated Ginkgo 活性银杏

Voice Over – Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest

Voice Over – Dynasty Travel Travel Fair

Voice Over – Lets Beat Diabetes

Voice Over – Lion Dance Brand Meatballs


Voice Over – Song-Cho

Voice Over – Allure Beauty Saloon

Voice OVer – Financial Wellness Index by OCBC

Voice Over – The new McDonald’s App

Voice Over – Holistic Way Vitamin C

Voice Over – 边缘老人 Twilight Years

Voice Over – Careers Connect On the Go 劳动力发展局~流动职业联系站

Voice Over – Dove Go Fresh

Voice Over ~ 舞蔬弄果2 on Channel 8

Voice Over – 料理人生 Magic Chef

Voice Over – 华侨银行 OCBC Bank Commercial

Voice Over-戏不是这样拍的 Demystifying TV

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Having a bright, cheery yet versatile voice, Mary has been the voice behind many radio and television commercials.

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