Mary Bukoh 巫许玛莉

Mary attended Raffles Girls’ School, Raffles Junior College, and Nanyang Technological University where she graduated with Second Upper Honours in Accountancy. She made the switch from an auditor to a producer/presenter with Mediacorp’s Chinese radio station YES 933 in 1997.

She moved on to Capital 958, a news and info station in 2012 to widen her scope and exposure. In August 2017, Mary moved to Love 972, being the first radio DJ in recent years to be on the top 3 radio stations in Singapore.

Mary’s cheerful and friendly personality helped her gain popularity among the listeners. Being effectively bilingual, she has hosted numerous corporate functions, media launches, press conferences and charity shows.


Government/Statutory Board EventsCorporate/Brands EventsRoadshows
Count Down to 2015 at Nee Soon SouthSmart Living with Lion – May 2016Keppel Electric Roadshow March 2018
Public Transport Workers’ Appreciation Day Nov 2017PFP – Change, The Constant of Business Dynamics – January 2018Keppel Electric Roadshow at Jurong Point – August 2018
Promoting Bilingualism in Schools Watsons – Find out whether diabetes can be prevented Tiger Beer Huat Roadshow on 19 Jan 2019
Marsiling National Day Dinner – August 2018NATAS Travel Fair on 2 & 3 August 2019New Shan Travel ~ Dream Cruise Travel Fair on 20 Jan 2019
Lunar New Year Lunch organised by Keat Hong CC Senior Citizen’s EC on 24 Feb 2019Grand Opening of Caltex Jurong Spring on 11 January 2020SPD Charity Show 2019 ~ Roadshow at Causeway Point on 10 March 2019
Tampines West National Day Carnival on 3 August 2019Gain City Grand Lucky Draw
Mediacorp EventsMediacorp EventsOverseas
Meet & Greet Session with cast of 祖先保佑猪饱饱见面会 at Waterway Point on 26 January 2019第55届国际小姐 中国大赛 北京赛区总决赛
快乐第一班 My First School Media Conference – April 2016Dads Day Out Event at OCBC Square on 16 June 2019
Eat Already 2- Media Launch – February 2017C.L.I.F. 5 Roadshow on 21 September 2019
Lensing Ceremony of Million Dollar Dream
Mind Matters 心情 Press Conference – Dec 2017
Channel 8 Million Dollar Dream Meet and Greet Roadshow – March 2018
LOVE 972 最爱对对碰现场版 @ Suntec City on 6 Oct 2018
欢喜就好4》Happy Can Already! 4 – Media Conference on 15 Oct 18
欢喜就好4 Happy Can Already! 4 Roadshow at Chinatown on 30 Nov 2018

Having a bright, cheery and yet versatile voice, Mary has been the voice behind many radio and television commercials. She has also branched into television hosting and acting.

TV Voice Overs

TV CommercialsTV CommercialsTV Programs
Olay TV CommercialOCBC Bank TV CommercialToggle Show – 料理人生 Magic Chef
Dove Go FreshWSG Careers Connect on the GoToggle Show 戏不是这样拍的 Demystifying TV
Holistic Way Vitamin C The New McDonald's app舞蔬弄果2 on Channel 8
Financial Wellness Index by OCBCAllure Beauty Saloon患难与共 on Channel 8
Song-ChoLion Dance Brand Meatballs
Let's Beat DiabetesDynasty Travel ~ Travel Fair
OLA Executive CondoKinohimitsu Bird’s Nest
Thomson Activated Ginkgo 活性银杏Anessa Beauty Sunscreen
Kam’s RoastShakura Sun Care & Shakura Bright Ex
Gain City Grand Lucky DrawTV VoiceOver – Mama Royal Natural Dishwashing Liquid
GiantTV Voice Over – Singtel 5G
Nestle Koko KrunchSteigen
Dove Botanic SelectionUnion Gas
Klorane ShampooRedmart
Evans 10% Vitamin C Topical TreatmentLifebuoy Antibacterial Handwash
Mediacorp AdDirectI-Chef 炊具 U-ONE 烹饪秀 Go Live
Avène Thermal Spring WaterAvène Hydrance Aqua Cream in Gel
VegMingXin 明心 appClear Frozen Peony Shampoo
Kinohimitsu Detox Enzyme and JuiceBody and Soul Fair
Body and Soul Fair Oct 2021

Radio Voice Over

Government/ Statutory BoardsFood & BeverageHealth & WellnessMotoring 
SCDF 新加坡民防部队Must Try K-Food Festival新中 Sinchong Meheco丁旺 Thinkone
Singapore Mint Zodiac CoinMarigold HL MilkMetabolix PlusNissan Sylphy
LTA-Park It Right – How to End a Shared Bike TripJoyden Treasures黑金糖心黑蒜 Black Gold Black GarlicEsso Synergy Supreme Plus
AVA SG Farmers’ MarketShi Li Fang Hot Pot 汇集补腰精Performance Premium Selection ~ pre-owned BMW
STB “Don’t Travel Blur, Travel Sure” CampaignKFC Goldspice ChickenTjikko Tokyo Jelly at Body SOS Health Carnival 2019Maxus G10 Executive
Shi Li Fang Hot PotOcean Health Coco Omega Memory FormualaShell V-Power Nitro+ Promotion
KFC Goldspice ChickenOriental Hair SolutionsMother's Day Celebration @ Volkswagen Showroom
NaturecafeHonda Jazz
Fragrance Bak KwaMotorist mWitness
PaddyKing 稻米王 Thai Brown Rice
Tiger Beer Roadshow
Knife Cooking Oil 刀标油
Pokka Houjicha
Dynasty Travel Taiwan Tour英雅苑 Park ColonialDaikin EZi Series
大通旅游 CTC 7D Taiwan Christmas WanderlustTreasure at Tampines 聚宝园Daikin 2Cool To Be True Promotion
Air Asia Flight Deals to Sabah YabiToggle beIN SPORTS
Air Asia flight deals to Chiang RaiDaikin iSmile Series
New Shan Travel Dream Cruise Travel FairDC Vision Design
Genting Dream Cruise 云顶梦号Seahorse Mattress
Travel Korea with Chan Brothers & Korea Tourism OrganizationPoh Heng
Chan Brothers Explore Taiwan by Charter FlightsChristmas Wonderland
乐。叙:生命之河 Of Music and Story : River of Life

About her surname BUKOH 巫许

Contrary to popular beliefs, Bukoh is not a combination of her father’s and mother’s surname.

Legend goes that many many years ago, her ancestor (Mr Koh, 许姓) was adopted by a relative (Mr Bu, 巫姓). To repay his gratitude, thereafter Mr Koh changed his surname to Bukoh.

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